We always yearn about the past, right? That perennially ageing yearning. That which breathes slower. Till almost it withers.

Just give it a mildly profound sense of logic or say, judgement. We make our lives harder. We invent new tools yet find the target tougher everytime we find a new toy in the pram.

We adapt. We evolve. Not just through a million of years at once. But by mammoth yet microscopic scales. By every passing all and every fragment of time. We incarnate as a cell that adaps to growth. To develop the skill for the organ. As we develop each skill, we attempt to move on to the next.

And those who don’t move to the next set of skills, like from hunting with “stones”, to hunting with “metal weapons". And then to adapting to physics. Making bows and arrows. By learning chemistry. By discovering and adapting to "fire". And then we adapted to the need for movement and discovering the "wheel".

In a development of the human, we develop our senses of perception to external elements. Then we develop the acquirance and mastery of tools. And with movement, we discover the sense of time and space. Notice how science fiction is always curious of time, in particular.

And in this reflective juxtaposition we observe that, a sequential arrangement in human growth is dangerously close to sequences in evolutionary science.

And in this process, the human mind perceives of a permanently rosy past and a thorny future. The generation which evolved lesser will find life easier in their time than how we face it. We make it tougher.

Evolve. Survive.

Every day. Every billennium.