The center of the Universe is not a black hole. Its the opposite.

In theoretical physics, negative mass is a hypothetical concept of matter whose mass is of opposite sign to the mass of normal matter, e.g. −2 kg. The properties of this object would violate everything invented till now owing to the large criticism faced when it was proposed. However it was able to explain a large set of speculative theories including Wormholes.

Spherical Wormholes

Consider a hypothetical space, where each pipe is of equal length and they have a fixed center. It is basically a sphere of space-time so curved and convoluted, it gave rise to infinite wormholes which are the diameters of the sphere. They have a positive mass curving space at one end and a huge negative mass at the center curving the space in opposite direction.

Super massive Anti black hole (SMABH)

It is not a white hole _/\_

But how does it still expand?

But why aren’t the wormholes exploitable?

Why does the universe appears flat?

This is just one of my personal theories which may or may not be possible. Also, this could affect the nature of everything found until now. But according to the Law of Infinite Probabilities, this might be true one day. I really hope it does.



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