Answering the Challenge of Trustless Offchain Data Management

KingRoyal Industries Announces the SWRD Security Token Offering

Lydia Sugarman
Sep 16, 2019 · 3 min read
“Rewriting the conceptualization of money where the dollar in your pocket isn’t a debtor’s mark, but a key to economic freedom.”

After a lot of hard work, we are very proud and excited to share our press release formally announcing the release of SWRD STO. We invite interested parties to read the SWRD White Paper and the CRWN White Paper for more information in addition to contacting us with your questions.

San Francisco, CA, September 16, 2019 — KingRoyal Industries ( is excited to announce the immediate release of the Sword STO for investment in The Crown Network, a new standard in off-chain data management on the blockchain using the trustless economic model.

The Sword is a smart contract-powered SEC-compliant Security Token tethered to the Crown Network. The Sword Security Token is a dividend-bearing, non-equity token that combines the benefits of an IPO (initial public offering) with the advantages of blockchain to maximize the adoption, transparency, and sustainability of The Crown Network.

The Sword token STO will be conducted in two stages. Stage One 5,000,000 SWRD at $3.83 USD per token. This will provide the funds to establish the physical infrastructure of Crown Network and launch the mainnet.

Following the first stage sale, 20,000,000 tokens will become available at $4.05 USD per token. These funds will be used to expand the Crown Network, acquire additional custodial facilities, and implement new financial services using the CRWN token.

One Million SWRD tokens are allocated to a philanthropic fund. As the Crown Network continues to grow, so will our humanitarian footprint in alignment with the company’s philosophy.

As CEO Dray King explains, “We are rewriting the conceptualization of money where the dollar in your pocket isn’t a debtor’s mark, but a key to economic freedom.”

Built on the ERC20 chain, The Crown Network is a trustless off-chain data management solution accomplished through customizable protocols that rely on cryptographically verifiable data collected directly from physical assets and stored on the Crown sidechain, guaranteeing trustless, autonomous governance of commodity tokens, rather than the authority of central intermediaries. The Crown Network protocol is an integral part of the CRWN stablecoin, using immutable metadata collected from the vaulted currency to regulate the minting / burning of CRWN.


KingRoyal Industries was founded in 2017 and development of The Crown Network began shortly after, inspired by the need to create a better standard in transparent, autonomous, offchain data management. Founder Dray King has been at the forefront of the blockchain space since 2012, working as an early adopter and developer on the SHA256, ERC-20, and Cryptonite V7 algorithms.

The diverse KRI team spans skills, experiences, and continents, as custodians passionate about providing a new level of usability, speed, and transparency vital to the autonomous protocol of a trustless, secure platform. We bring the expertise of pioneers in blockchain technology, all facets of the cryptocurrency space, cutting-edge programming, diverse and deep subject matter expertise, international business experience, and integrity.


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