Venod Sharma’s Vision for Development of Haryana:

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work. Even after 66 years of independence our nation is trademarked as developing nation. Reason is need of efforts and leaders who can guide the people to put efforts for growth. India was divided into states; the reason was it would be easy to nurture development in parts. But some of the states like Haryana left behind. Reason could be anything but the main reason was lack of initiative. And now there is a strongman in Haryana, a veteran leader who took this initiative and stand against the odds to fight for development of Haryana.

Venod Sharma has been laying emphasis on the need for scaling up the production of renewable energy in Haryana, so that not only Haryana becomes self sufficient on the energy front but also protects the environment of the state.

The power situation in the state is not satisfactory and even districts like Gurgaon are facing severe power outage. Crores of rupees are spent every day in Haryana for producing electricity through private generators which not only increases diesel consumption manifold but also pollutes the environment.

· The state of Infrastructure in Haryana is one factor which is keeping the Industries away from the state. The private sector is not making investment in this sector because of the stumbling blocks of officialdom and red tape

· Nobody understands the importance of Infrastructure and Industrial development of Haryana better than Venod Sharma. A strong advocate of Industrialization, Venod Sharma has always emphasized on the importance of Industries and particularly agro Industries in the state which can only change the face of Haryana.

Development Agenda:

· Venod Sharma believes that the Industrial policy of Haryana has failed to attract the investment in state. The policies related to Industrialization are not attractive enough and provides no impetus for Setting up of Industry in the state. Today Haryana is not there in where it should have been in terms of Industrialization, due to the non attractive Industrial Policy.

· He want to develop Haryana like Gujarat and want Haryana becomes self sufficient on the energy front.

· Venod Sharma has a concern for Industrialization and the episode of IMT Ambala expresses that. When Venod Sharma was the minister in the government of Haryana, he got the approval for establishing Industrial Model Township (IMT) in Ambala district. He was of the opinion that IMT will completely change the economy of Ambala wand will help in massive job creation.

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