Venom Testnet: Experience a Robust dApp Ecosystem Built On a Multi-Blockchain Network

Venom Foundation
2 min readApr 18, 2023

Venom is pleased to announce that its testnet is set to go live next week. As the first foundation to be granted a license to operate a blockchain by the ADGM, Abu Dhabi, Venom is looking forward to providing users and developers with the opportunity to fully experience its Blockchain.

The testnet is designed to suit both ecosystem users and developers and allows developers to test and debug dApps and blockchain protocols, while providing users with an immersive experience of these applications. The Venom team believes that the testnet will encourage innovation and community building within its ecosystem, which is vital for growth and sustainability.

To engage with the Venom testnet, users will need to carry out two simple steps before being able to explore a variety of dApps built on Venom. Simply install the Venom wallet as a Google chrome browser extension or through either the app or Google play store. Secondly, users can jumpstart their journey of testing the Venom ecosystem by claiming testnet VENOM tokens.

The Venom testnet, will feature a diverse array of dApps. Some of these will be native to the Venom ecosystem, such as Venom Scan, while others have been developed by external projects and partners

To ensure that users are able to engage with the Venom Blockchain in additional ways, the team has designed a series of social and on-chain tasks that will provide users with an experience of what the Venom blockchain dApps have to offer.

For developers, we offer the opportunity to try their hand at building on the asynchronous Venom blockchain which boasts ultra-fast speed at 100k TPS, and a dynamic sharding feature that enhances scalability and network reliability. To kick things off, Venom has curated a repository of developer documentation to equip developers with the necessary tools and knowledge to start building.

In conclusion, we at Venom Foundation are excited to announce the launch of our testnet and the range of dApps and features that come with it. We look forward to welcoming new users and developers to our ecosystem and to seeing the innovations that will be created on top of our multi-blockchain network.

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