Crypto Analytics firm Scorechain and Crypto Compliance Advisory Firm Venrai Announce their Strategic Partnership

The outbreak and rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to unprecedented challenges globally, both to individuals and businesses. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, networking and business connections generally flourished through in-person gatherings, and the crypto industry is no different in that regard.

Adapting to the new “normal” and with a view to fostering new connections, Venrai has in 2020 engaged in an increased number of virtual conferences and introductory meetings. Of note have been the productive interactions with crypto analytics firm Scorechain, which have progressed to the point of crystallising a strategic partnership. Venrai and Scorechain operate in similar spheres…

Jason Tucker-Feltham

Founder & CEO of Venrai | CSO of Zokyo | Passionate about digitalassets, emerging tech and vinyl records | Believer in Bitcoin

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