Everything You Need to Know About Recruitment Automation

Until recruitment platforms became popular for carrying out recruitment drives in companies, hiring was a long and cumbersome process. The companies had HR teams that made sure that the advertisements were posted in newspapers and different online portals by following up with their respective teams. They would then sift through the applications one by one and select a handful of candidates per vacancy to interview. The interview would also take time and then they would select the right candidates.

Ever since online recruitment platforms become popular, recruitment can be carried out smoothly and effectively. Many companies outsource recruitment completely while others choose to use recruitment automation software and use them to carry out recruitment easily. Here a few things that you need to know about recruitment automation:

• Recruitment automation companies provide software to their clients that they can access to post their vacancies on different portals. It is as easy as filling the information in a form and submitting the application. The software will take the information and post the vacancy everywhere without any burden on the client.

• Since most companies are aware of a handful of platforms where they can post their vacancies, they only have access to a limited audience. A recruitment automation company has access to all of the major platforms for carrying out recruitment drive. Through them, a company can choose suitable candidates for interview from a large talent pool.

• Each vacancy posting attracts many applications and it can be tiring for a hiring professional to sift through the applications and find suitable candidates. Recruitment automation software allows recruiters to use keywords and phrases to find most suitable candidates at the fraction of a second. They can then decide to call a handful of candidates for preliminary test and interviews.

• Online recruitment software also enables companies to conduct preliminary elimination tests as well as interviews. They can set questions for different candidates and also set time to answer the questions in those tests. This software also records interviews that the recruiter can play as many times as he wants to make select or reject a candidate. He can also share the interview video with other team members for their feedback.

• Most recruitment automation software allows users to see the data on multiple devices including desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones with different operating systems including iOS, Windows, Android, etc. Different people from management teams can use the software easily.

One of the biggest advantages of carrying out recruitment using automation software is that the process is completely streamlined and requires no guesswork. Every step and process is well-defined and delivers results in a short amount of time. Most companies now prefer to use automation software for recruitment.

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