What are the Top 5 Benefits of Recruitment Automation?

Recruitment automation has helped in simplifying the job of recruiters by reducing the amount of time it takes to carry out recruitment. The recruitment automation software sends out vacancy related information to various job sites and prospective candidates. The time does not get consumed in finding advertisers who will list the vacancy on their portals. Applicant tracking software has metrics and can search candidate profiles for certain keywords to determine the suitability of a candidate for a job. All that the recruiter needs to do is pick the candidates at the top of the ranking table. This allows the recruiter to work effectively.

Give here are the top 5 benefits of recruitment automation:

Saves Time: Recruitment automation allows recruiters finish the task of recruitment faster than doing it manually. Applicant tracking software for recruiters also helps them find suitable candidates by searching for specific keywords and phrases in their profiles. This saves time as the recruiter since he does not have to go through each and every profile when a vacancy opens up. All the recruiter needs to do is just fill in the required information and submit it so that the software can post the details on different job boards online.

Gives Access to a Large Pool of Talent: Most companies have a limited data when it comes to prospective candidate profiles. They only have profiles of candidates through direct sign-ups or previous recruitment drives. They need to depend on the platform they use to announce vacancies to get access to prospective employees. With recruitment software, they can post vacancies to multiple platforms at the click of a button and hence get access to a large pool of talent.

Filter the Applications: Recruitment automation software allows companies to filter the applications easily and ineligible candidates. A recruiter can filter the profiles in the applicant tracking software based on a few keywords and phrases to choose the most suitable candidates for their company. This factors help in streamlining the recruiter’s search and then, finalize candidates who can be called for interviews.

Make Informed Decisions: Software used for recruitment automation allows recruiters to play interviews multiple times to make sure they can make an informed decision while selecting the candidates. They can also choose to share the recorded interview videos with other members of their team for their feedback about the candidates.

Offers Social Sourcing: This refers to going beyond the usual candidates and exploring passive candidates through the automation software. The psychology behind this approach is that job seekers socialize online and share information about recruitment with their family and friends. This gives the company more exposure and options in terms of prospective candidates as sometimes the best candidates may not even aware of vacancies that might be right for them.

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