VentureMap Boston: A Visualization Of The Tech Investor Ecosystem

By: Chase Garbarino, CEO and co-founder of VentureApp.

Today we’re launching VentureMap Boston, an interactive map of thousands of startup investor relationships, in partnership with Ty Danco of TechStars & BostInno.

Aside from how slick the visualization is, we’re most excited about the breadth of the startup/investor relationship data set. There are more than 500 investors, 1,600 startups, and thousands of relationships between the two represented on this map. And while we’re sticklers for data integrity, we expect any data points that we’ve missed to be added in the next couple of weeks — all of which says a lot about the strength of the Boston tech ecosystem and the investors who fuel it. We should be proud about how strong our community is, and we should want to make it even stronger.

Which brings me to why we created VentureMap…

Our mission at VentureApp is to make the benefits of the innovation economy more accessible to all. By breaking down barriers to enter the community and access the right connections, more people will start businesses, connect with investors, and continue to create, make, and innovate — all which helps fuel economic growth.

We believe VentureMap is an incredibly useful tool for our users to visualize their own network within the scope of the larger community and to increase founder access to investors relevant to their business. Further, by joining VentureApp, you can access other innovators and investors on VentureMap via chat.

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For founders looking to connect with investors and expand their network, the power of context and relevance is enormous. Mutual connections and introductions are impactful, and often, those opportunities to get in front of the right people are limited by only a few degrees of separation. VentureMap is one solution to that challenge.

Here are a few ways you can interact with VentureMap:

  1. Click on a startup inside the circle to see all of its investors.
  2. Click on an investor on the outside of the circle to see all of its investments.
  3. Zoom in and out on various investment nodes to explore deeper.
  4. Filter by investor type, industry, and date the startup was founded.
  5. Search for a startup or investor — you can multi-select by clicking a search result and then adding a new search.
  6. Sign up for VentureApp to add your startup or investment firm and chat with other innovators and investors.

Are we missing any data on VentureMap Boston? Let us know: help (at) ventureapp (dot) com.