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4 min readApr 10, 2018

Venture Care offers complete digital marketing solutions for education sector.

The education sector has become more competitive and sophisticated than ever before. This is due to the increase in the number of digital marketing agencies. In today’s era of competition, institutions need to adapt to effective digital marketing strategies to go through new changes.

Utilization of digital marketing for your institution-

1. Cost Effective: Most online marketing platforms are affordable compared to traditional marketing methods. Online Marketing methods such as social media, email, RSS feeds and mobile marketing require very little implementation cost or investment. This means that educational institutions can target a larger audience at a low investment and thus benefit greatly.

2. Enhance Brand Awareness: Digital marketing is the best way to generate brand awareness through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., as they comprise a greater section of the audience. This can help enhance followers and improve the conversion rate as well.

3. Facilitates performance tracking: You can track campaign performance with the help of relevant digital marketing tools, which can help extensively when it comes to measuring and tracking the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign. This marketing strategy can also be changed if the statistics of the institution are on a low. Digital marketing in the education sector helps to redirect the focus of the strategy, so that can help optimise the marketing mix.

4. Measurable: There are varied tools which can be used to measure digital marketing effectiveness. Since this type of marketing is highly targeted and in most cases uses permission based marketing, it becomes easy for the educational institutions to measure or track the effectiveness of a given marketing campaign as crucial data is available.

5. Easily Accessible Tools: Digital marketing tools or platforms are easily accessible and as a result produce better results. Using digital marketing forms such as social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and others or SMS marketing guarantee a large focused audience.

6. High Conversion Rates: SMS and email are some of the digital marketing forms that receive high response rates due to the fact that they are personal and educational institutions can easily target the audience in the right manner.

The various aspects of Digital Marketing for an educational institution:

Institutions that impart higher education are using digital marketing as one of the most preferred means of engaging students. These educational institutions follow a step by step approach and a well-planned strategy that is implemented in the right manner. The first thing that educational institutions need to do is target the actual audience. Now, for higher educational institutions, the target is obviously the students. Of the various students, there will be a market of the mature students who are the actual target audience of the educational institutions because of the fact that they research in detail about the courses and career options. Once this audience has been identified, the digital marketing techniques can be used to create and share the required level of information with these students. Also digital marketing can be used to create content that can directly influence the prospective students. In addition, direct communication via online technology can also be used with digital marketing to maintain a dialogue with the target audience.

When devising digital marketing strategies, the educational institutions need to consider the fact that the needs of every student are different and thus various types of communication and discussion channels may be required to be set up so that the needs of every prospective client is met in the best manner possible.

One of the most important things that educational institutions need to keep in mind is the fact that most internet users do not go beyond the first three pages of the search engines to look for the required information. This means that these institutions need to make use of the right keywords and key phrases so that their website is always be in the first three pages of the search engine result pages. This requires the educational institutions to make use of optimization techniques. The educational institutions also need to make sure that the content they create for the prospective students is powerful and relevant.

The role of Social Media in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing enables the educational institutions to make use of the power of social media. Various social media sites can be used to share the information with a global audience. This information can be shared in the form of pictures as well as videos.

Digital marketing in education sector assists universities and institutions to build their brand and amplifies student recruitment process.