Hooked : Products and Problems

I am reading the book “ Hooked : How to Build Habit-Forming Products”. Here I want to update my findings and learnings as I make progress.

As a product person, I always wonder and ask where is the next set of problems to solve ? Is there a better way of doing things that I do regularly.

One of my problems was not remembering the early meetings that I have accepted a month ago. My iphone shows it many a times, but I want to be aware of it much ahead of time.

As I was looking for solutions to fix this problems. I was trying to identify what kind of triggers can help me to or force me to be aware of my calendars. More and more I search for a solution I ended up with this book “Hooked” which talks about habit-forming products.

Day 1 :

Most products that you have been hooked onto using have built a cycle.

  • Trigger -> Action -> Variable Reward -> Investment -> Trigger.

A Simple example in my opinion: Twitter.

Trigger : I follow a lot of people on Twitter, a tweet from them comes up as a notification in my phone which kind of makes me click on the notification.

Action : The very act of clicking on the notification.

Variable Reward: Once I open the twitter App, I see tweets that notified me and more tweets this happens without much thought process. I expect to see something interesting anyway. Keeping me intrigued about what I could see is my variable reward.

Investment : Now that I have spent atleast few minutes seeing different things and I retweet few or write my own tweet expecting some people to like it or follow me. All of these are my investment leading to new set of Triggers.

Interesting Fact : In the book Nir mentions habit-forming products is the new super power and can be used to do good and evil both.

If you remember the game “Flappy Bird”. It was addictive. More you play, more progress you make, more progress you make harder it becomes to play, You loose and you want to play again to make more progress.

Few of the reviews for the game read :

  • “All it takes is seeing the words ‘Flappy Bird’ until you find yourself, 19 hours later, fingers bleeding, screen cracked, eyes duct taped open, insomnia and paranoia set in, so determined to pass the devil bird through the impassible gates that you would sacrifice every part of your body except your thumb if it helped beat your high score”
  • “My family doesn’t dare enter. My brother hasn’t taken a shower in a month.”

This seems like a super power of a habit forming product indeed.

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