You’ve polished your financials to a high-shine and practiced your pitch over a hundred times. Your data room is all in order and you’ve landed a meeting with a carefully researched VC firm. After all the questions are over, one of the partners chimes in with a carefully crafted rejection.

  • “You’re just too early for us.”
  • “We’re not sure we want to engage with such a saturated space.”
  • “We love the team! You’re just a bit outside of our scope.”

So what to do in the face of rejection? …

Finding the right investors is never straightforward. In truth, it’s usually super frustrating and time-consuming. Perhaps worst of all, your hours of laborious searching and groping in the dark often result in a short investor target list with incomplete contact information.

No more!

We’ve spent a ton of time coaching founders on the optimization of the fundraising process, and we’ve built hundreds of investor target lists for our clients.

Here are the top 4 tools we’ve found that are free and available to any founder looking to fundraise.


AngelList is a well-known and widely used tool, it’s incredibly powerful for…

On October 1, 1957, in a bold and unexpected move, eight former employees of Shockley Labs founded Fairchild Semiconductors, a company focused on the mass production of transistors. William Shockley, their former employer, and co-inventor of the transistor would go on to nickname these men the “traitorous eight.”

Despite Shockley’s disapproval, Fairchild quickly grew into a company which was not only profitable but would go on to spawn dozens of spin-off companies — setting a new precedent for concentrated reinvestment and forming the inter-connected foundation for an entrepreneurial hotspot now known as “Silicon Valley”.

“Silicon Valley” is still the pinnacle…

Venture First has a strong philosophy about what a “good enough” appraisal means: “good enough” doesn’t exist. Only the highest quality valuation will suffice. However, an idea held by some advisors in many dominant startup cities (Silicon Valley, NY, Austin) is that Common Stock (ASC 718/Section 409a), and Investor Preferred Stock (ASC 820) valuations are pointless formalities: the cheapest path to compliance is the best way to go. Why is this the case?

One can see how some advisors, even VCs, might counsel clients to go that route. The SaaS products offered by eShares and their competition sometimes have a…

Venture First

From inception to exit, Venture First provides the services and expertise for companies to execute on their ideas and go further at any stage.

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