“JOB”(Jump over the Boundaries)

Humans are the most intelligent species out of all (I think). Then why most of us are followers and not inventors of oneself. Our mindset is set to some standards by the things put in our head throughout the time we are all grown up and ready to step out in real word. Things such as religion, profession, way of life, necessities, financial, love and many more. It eventually becomes a timeline which run within a certain boundary that no one encourage to get out of. Everything that we do has to be within that boundary. Go to school, get good grades, get a degree, get a job, start saving, start a family and so on. Most of us tends not to question this system that surround us or dare to do something different. We eventually become so comfortable within this boundary that most of us won’t even try to get out.

This boundary and comfortness prevent us to follow our real dreams. Our goals get hidden behind all other responsibilities that’s been put on our shoulders. We get mixed up with things that don’t really matter in actual. Eventually we feel unsatisfied and hate our jobs.

Now everyone’s boundaries are different from another but our goal is one. Let’s cut down the unnecessary chains that’s holding us back to achieve our dreams, and put on some Jordan’s to “JOB”

Good luck!