With $41M Series B, QuotaPath sets off to fix entire sales compensation process

It’s incredibly validating and exciting to have Tribe’s backing.

  • Continue to work with talented individuals and build a culture that embodies mission, vision, learning, and growth, and in an environment where people enjoy working with one another.
  • Develop a platform that thousands of go-to-market experts rely on for commission tracking and when they need help understanding how new roles and teams impact compensation and revenue growth.
  • Double down on our differentiators that have captured the hearts of teams that previously used spreadsheets or other commission software.

Inside today’s announcement:

Where we stand out:

  • Gives reps the ability to forecast future attainment
  • Runs native CRM integrations for real-time visibility
  • Offers free sales comp plan strategy consultations
  • Does not require any type of coding or formula building
  • Shares transparent pricing
  • Charges zero implementation fees
  • Onboards teams in days after signing (not months, like our competitors)
  • Invites users to get started for free




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