Finding your “Why?”

In his book, “Start With Why” Simon Sinek tells about finding your purpose and how you define it could be the difference between building an Apple or Microsoft. When we hear the talk about purpose most of us think about it from a spiritual standpoint. We think about some divine destiny. However, finding your purpose is the very first step of building something that is sustainable and can withstand the test of time.

Simon Sinek paints a picture of a world of people who do not lead a life of purpose. You are either living your life based on assumptions or you are being manipulated by others who have clearly defined their own purpose.

It is generally accepted that making decisions is difficult because at any given time there is an infinite amount of variables to consider before a decision can be made. This is next to impossible and even if we could consider all the variables that affect your decision most of the decisions that we have to make tend to be time-sensitive. Therefore, we just don’t have all the time in the world to consider all the information out there. This leads to humans using short cuts, or heuristics and biases, to make decisions. And, by definition, these are incomplete and mostly flawed.

If our choices and decisions shape our behavior and actions and those, in turn, shape our identity then most of our identities are shaped by chance. On the contrary, defining your why means that you define the values and principles that govern your life. Using this approach when you are faced with a decision it is then easier to make decisions because your filter then becomes your values and your principles. You will simply choose the direction that is congruent with who you are or at least who you choose to be and anything outside of that ceases to be an option. This is what it means to lead an intentional life. This is your remedy against uncertainty.

“So why do you do what you do? That’s the question you need to answer. Stare at it until you can’t. Only then will you understand what matters and what doesn’t. Only then can you say no, can you opt-out of stupid races that don’t matter or even exist”



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