Sahara 8/8: The First Of Many Sahara Corporate Retreats

let us keep working hard, let us consequently play hard, and finally, let us be bold Saharans, let us be BOLD.

It was a day to relax, unwind, reminisce and have fun. On Tuesday, August 8th 2017, Sahara Ventures had its first corporate retreat, as colleagues and recurring partners of Sahara Ventures met, socialized, and even played a sport or two. Mbalamwezi Beach was the venue, a perfect location to relieve stress, immerse in tranquility and just take a breather by the beach.

Reminiscing On The Achievements

As we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, a warmly lit sunshine and the cool breeze from gently crawling tides of the beach, we reflected on our achievements, all the while mapping them with our core company values.

After all, it is a known fact that all Saharans are BOLD (Brilliant, Organized, Loyal and Determined).

We Have Been Brilliant (Innovative and Smart)

A smart combination of different ideation tools, capacity building tools, team formation tools, all the way to market identifying tools and prototyping tools, coupled with personnel with experience and know how in the technology and innovation fields, Sahara Ventures is endowed with a robust capacity to be innovative and smart.

We Have Been Organised (Timely and Structured)

Sahara Venture has and continues to work with different partners, subject to type, focus, and scope of projects. Securing partnership with effective, reputable, and internationally known partners requires top-notch quality work in a structured and timely manner, which we — by practical evidence, do posses.

We Have Been Loyal (Love and Respect)

“In this company, we treat the janitor with the the same respect as the CEO”, this was a remark by Jumanne Mtambalike, Co-founder and CEO of the company, amid his welcome speech during lunch. He explained Sahara Ventures to be a company where love, loyalty and respect are among core values. “Let us keep being more than a company, let us be a family, united with love, loyalty and respect.”, he added. In the same spirit of love, loyalty and respect, we assembled and had fun.

We Have Been Determined (Results Oriented)

Sahara Ventures has been able to manage and complete many projects: Hatua project- with a focus in innovation for good Governance, Data Zetu — an ongoing project aimed at amplifying citizens’ voices through data, Mawazo challenge — a UK Aid established project that aims to identify and support innovations that have the potential to create social impact in education, health and, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) across Tanzania, and the Amua Accelerator — an innovation for sexual reproductive health project, which has produced six Startup companies with ready-for-market products and services. With all these in our hands, one is bound to have a time-out.

The First Of Many

This is the first corporate retreat for Sahara Ventures, but there will be many more others to come. We will eventually need to unwind considering the intense effort, dedication, discipline and diligence we put in to tackle different management-for-impact projects using technology and innovation, both ongoing and upcoming.

Robert Waldinger, an American psychiatrist and Professor at Harvard Medical School, revealed in a TED talk lessons from the longest study on happiness, that good relationships keep us both happier and healthier. This retreat may as well have played an important role for Sahara Ventures, stretching its employer/employee relationships outside professional domains, and resultantly inspiring constant collaboration in the office environment.

So let us keep working hard, let us consequently play hard, and finally, let us be bold, Saharans… let us be BOLD.

By Mathew M. Rugaimukamu

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