Opening Doors

Our grad’s guide for those first steps into the creative industries

It’s grad show season, and the next generation of poor, defenceless innocents are about to be flung into the murky depths of the design industry.

Here at v3, our summer internship programme is fully under way, with a raft of talented fresh faces pitching their portfolios to the team.

In honour of the new blood, we thought we’d share our top tips for making an impression when you walk through that agency door.

1. Do the boring stuff

• Research the company

• Prepare what you’re going to say

• Arrive 5 minutes early (but no earlier!)

• Bring your portfolio (Unfortunately, this is not a joke)

2. Keep it short

• Show bold, simple, high impact work

• 3 good projects are better than 10 mediocre

• Let the work shine, keep writing to a minimum

• No PDFs over 5 mb

• No CV’s over a page

3. Present with confidence

• Know what you want to say and say it with clarity

• Be yourself; sounds cliché, but it’s still important

And don’t worry about being nervous — but try to keep calm

4. Have passion and personality

• Talk about your interests and passions outside of design

• Ask questions; you need to find out if the place is right for you too

• Remember, the worst thing you can do is leave no impression

And if you get your foot in the door…

Do what’s asked of you

Exceed people’s expectations

Think of ways you can add value

Show you’re keen, but don’t pester anyone

Never think you’re above anything, mounting boards, doing the sandwich run, it’s part of the role, and we’ve all been there.

Good luck!

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