The potential threat of cybercrime is rising fast. According to a study conducted by Bromium during the final quarter of 2018, the UK was stung by 140% more cyber-attacks than the previous year. This spike in malicious activity also caused nearly 40% of SMEs in the UK to experience at least one cyber security incident.

These are pretty alarming statistics. So it’s unsurprising organisations across the country are ramping up investment in their security protocols. However, many are still put off by the perceived costs, or by the bewildering range of tools and services available. Simply throwing more money at…

Love them or hate them, everyone has to have a working relationship with their boss. It’s easy to tacitly assume that your boss is the finished article. After all, they must have been promoted for a reason. But nobody’s perfect. Your boss is constantly trying to improve like you.

This strive for improvement can become a two way street. Your boss’s job is to help you produce the best work possible. However, you can also help your boss to become better at managing you. …

James Deeney

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