Zero To Live — Facebook Live for Business Owners

Are you a Business Owner with a profitable product or service? Are you looking to take your business to Next Level?
Facebook Live is your Answer!
I will answer the three important questions of why? what? and how? of using Facebook Live for maximising you reach and creating Better Brand Experience and Drive Profits.

Why your business needs to use Facebook Live?

Today, Live Social Video is a Powerful Medium that:
1. Connects your Customers Real-Time 
2. Creates Engaging and Profitable Brand Experiences

Leveraging on Facebook Live, you can expand your business reach, find and build relationships with existing customers, find new potential prospects — interact, engage, have powerful conversations with them in getting feedback, informing, educating and selling your product or service.

How to Use Facebook Live ?
Facebook signature simplicity enables you to Go Live with just a few clicks:
Follow these 4 Steps to Go Live from your Smartphone or follow the image for your reference.

Step 1: Click Live Video text with red Icon
Step 2: Allow Camera Access
Step 3: Select your audiences
Step 4: Start Live Video

What are the Business Use-Cases?
Facebook Live lets your targeted audience experience your brand like never before!

Physical Store Tours
Online Store Promotions
Live Events
Live Online Classes 
Trade Booth Live Feed
Weekly Q&A Sessions 
Product Launches
Corporate Culture
Customer Service


  1. Facebook Live creates — extra and special attention to you or your brand
  2. Leverage on this attention span — Be creative, make the most out of this attention span, promote your business by providing value for your targeted audience
  3. Be Consistent and Go Live regularly and measure the effectiveness of FB Live

Have you used FB Live before? what was the intent? what were your result? Please comment below your experiences.