Effective Facebook Conversion Campaign Strategy

Know Your Audience:

The Most Important criteria for Facebook Advertising success is to ‘Know Your Audienceand by putting your message in front of the right people, you will be in a better position to succeed.

Hyper — Targeting Options

Conversion Campaign:

Following are the different Possible Adsets based on Audiences for a conversion campaign, assuming you have an existing email list, sales page and website related pages:

  1. Interest-based audiences
  2. Look alike audiences
  3. Subscribers (who are not customers) — Custom Audience
  4. Re-marketing (to sales page)
  5. Re-marketing (website, blog, etc)

The next step is to Create Ads:

Case (i): $2k Budget

Create 3 types of ads for every Adset. Make 2–3 vaiations, of each Ad, with changes to Headline, Image, Video, CTA and etc.

  1. Video Ads
  2. Image Ad
  3. Carousel Ad

You end with 9 Ads in each Adset, 45 total ads

Budget $5/day/ad for 10 days = 45 * 5 *10 = $2250

Case (ii): <$1k Budget

Create 3 types of Ads with no variations to headline, CTA, etc

  1. Video Ad
  2. Image Ad
  3. Carousel Ad

You end up with 3 Ads in each adset totalling to 15 Ads

Budget: $5/day/ad for 10days = 15 *5 *10 = $750

If you are low on budget then….

Budget: $5/day/ad for 7days = 15 *5 *7 = $525

PICK A WINNER from both case (i) and (ii) from EACH ADSET
Further Optimize it for Low CPC and Higher Conversions

Based on what you learn from you ads, you must constantly optimize for best conversion. The most important metric to determine your Facebook ad success is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). It is the ratio of total ad spent on a campaign to total number of customers acquired.