How to Craft a Perfect Email Preview to 10X your Open Rates ?

Email Marketing is one of the powerful medium of a. finding new customers b. retaining old customers and c. building lifetime customers. However many marketers and SME’s fail to achieve results. Some of the common reasons of email marketing strategy failure include: lack of professionalization, optimized email content, preview, and improper workflows.

One another main reason is, failing to provide enough information to the user in order to decide whether to click — open the email message and check it out, through the email preview.

This article provides insight on writing an optimized ‘Preview’ for your email marketing campaign, it will help you pass the ‘blink test’ with flying colors. Preview is one of the most important parts of your email marketing, it is that phase of an email when user opens up an email (eg: Gmail) and within a blink decides whether he or she wants to click and open the email or ignore it or delete it, just by the preview of it, thus the name.

Preview Goal:

Through ‘Preview’ one needs to create attention and must contain enough information to evoke curiosity in order to click and open the email.

Preview comprises of three parts:

1.From Address:

Make sure the ‘From Address’ is accurate and clear. It should be either the name of the person sending it or the name of the organization, brand or extension of it.

From address provides you with the information of who is sending you?

Let’s take a look at a snapshot (Gmail):

2. Subject Line:

The subject line should provide you the ‘gist’ of what the email is going to contain. It is best to restrict yourself to less than 50 letters. From the image below, the subject line from Jason McDonald is around 50 letters.

Subject Line provides you with the information of what is it all about?

3. Content Snippet:

This is the text that is extracted from your actual email content present inside the email. It is important to note that not every email service provides this. Gmail, however, provides this (image below). It is a good practice to view the text that is being extracted before sending.

Content Snippet provides you with the information of Why you should open it?

In summary, an optimized preview should inform who the sender is, get the user’s attention, and evokes users curiosity all within a blink of your eye. Once you make the user open the email, you can always send your advertising/marketing message across with relevant text, graphics, videos, optimized links that are in line with your offer.

So, in order to achieve that you need to pass the blink test which is a litmus test for your email marketing campaign.

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