Why to use Facebook for Business Marketing?

Are you a Business Owner?
Do you have an awesome and profitable Product or Service?
Looking to increase your Brand Reach?
Looking to Go Global? 
Find new Potential Prospects? 
Want to start powerful conversations?
Drive Potential Customers to your website?

Facebook Advertising is the Answer!

Facebook Advertising is a Powerful and Unique Platform that enables you to:
Grow Audience, Engage Audiences and Convert your audiences. 
Facebook advertising is unique in the sense, it is completely Social — 
All the ads can be Liked, Shared, and Commented.

Why FB Advertising:
1. Facebook accounts for 1/3 of all display advertising impressions in the United States alone
2. Facebook has over 1 billion active users each month globally
3. Depending on your business objective you could get more likes, create engagement and drive traffic to your website.

4 Reasons to use Facebook Advertising right now:
1. Reach — Over a billion active users world wide
2. Targeting — Many Targeting Options — you could laser target based on interests, income groups, age, gender, locations and many more

Location — age — gender
Country — State — Zip Codes
Age — Students, employees, etc
Gender — male targeted or female targeted

3. Options — Facebook advertising offers Cost Per Click(CPC) and Cost Per Impression(CPM) based on your business objective
4. Engagement — All your ads will have Social Actions — like, comment, share, CTA and links.

Facebook News Feed Ad Example:

Let’s take a look at Facebook ad and dissect the different elements of the ad. below is a sponsored a news feed — desktop ad:

In this above example, Eben Page is offering a free video training for coaches to launch their own profitable businesses using the above Facebook Ad. It is interesting to note that Facebook Ad offers multiple options:

  1. Text — your Facebook Ad copy
  2. Image with 20% text rule
  3. An attention grabbing Headline
  4. Subtitle — feature or benefit of your offer
  5. Your targeted landing page url
  6. Call to Action (CTA) — learn more, download, etc
  7. Social Actions — Like, Comment, Share

Is the ad not obvious enough? Let me know what you think.