5 must have Smartphone Apps if you are Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning is a work full of stress. Everybody wants to get married just once in his or her life and that is the reason they want their wedding to be perfect. There are so many things to do in a marriage and they require a perfect coordination so that the wedding goes perfect. We all know that this is a technology and internet oriented era, everything has gone online and so does the wedding planning too. Many applications can assist you in planning and execution of a wedding in a beautiful way. If you want your wedding to be perfect and memorable, try out these following apps.

Remote: This app can control the music setup of your wedding venue. All you will need is a MacBook, with two speakers. This app belongs to apple. Before the arriving time of guests, make playlist and you will be prepared with the music. This app allows you to trim the songs so that it does not look dragged. You will have full control on the pause, volume and play options. Overall, you can be the pre Disk jockey of your own wedding.

Happily wed: The wedding day is the most important day of one’s life and everybody wants to cherish this day forever. That is why everything should be pre-planned. This day is expected to be remembered for long and for that, there should be enough fun and joy. By using this app, your guests can share their experiences and stories of this day. Moreover, guests can also use maps and details of the wedding along with the route of the wedding venue.

Photography with wedding party: This app will help you to gather all the pictures clicked by everyone present at the wedding. Everybody have cameras with them in the form of phones. This app will collect the pictures connected to your wedding. This is going to melt down your stress for your wedding photography. In short, you will get all the photographs, along with the personal experiences of your guests.

Google Latitude: This app allows to you to keep a track of your parents, siblings, friends and your wedding guests. Using this, you can meet your bride or bridegroom, no matter whether the meeting is acceptable before the marriage or not. Most of the time, it is used when, photographer asks to click couple’s pictures.

Moleskine journal: Gone are the days of paper and buying guestbook. That is also done with the help of internet these days. Using a tablet is best for using this app. It allows you to connect with other guests by signing in and signing out. Your guests can express their feelings and happiness by writing some memorable message for you. Other guest user can do the same by flipping the next page. This is definitely leads to fun and let you gather many memories if you use this application. After the wedding, you can even get a PDF file of those messages and drawing in the form of photographs.

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