PanBI transforms Big Data Analytics into Real Business Insights

PanBI tells compelling stories found in your data to inspire ideas, conversation and strategic thinking. It is a discovery platform equipped with interactive data organizing, data analysis and data visualization interfaces to reliably interpret important information contained in large amounts of data from multiple sources — both internal and external.
PanBI is business friendly, user configurable and rapidly deployable. It connects to external data stores such as relational databases, cloud services, social media, secured and public REST URIs as well as spreadsheets and text files from internal data sources. PanBI combines reliable statistics and predictive analytics with comprehensive, easy to interpret visualization. 
PanBI supports a variety of file formats and provides a means to organize and catalog disparate datasets. The real-time dashboards have configurable key performance indicators that support analysis of streamed time sequence data and historical data. Its extensive search and filtering capabilities drill down to relevant data then analyses and visualizes the information using interactive grids, charts and maps.
It is accessible through leading browsers, whether at office or on the go, and can be managed on premise or in the cloud. Users are able to collaborate, swap, merge and manage multiple data sets and visualization dashboards resulting in effective knowledge sharing, increased productivity and enterprise-wide value.
PanBI provides a solid foundation for big data strategies and helps take organizations to the next level of data driven growth and profitability. PanBI significantly reduces software licensing costs and deployment times, improves strategic decision making and mitigates risk. Organizations can discover new revenue streams with PanBI by creating new data driven products, customer facing analytics and service offerings. PanBI currently supports a variety of data analytics and decision support initiatives across business sectors. It is used in areas such as investment portfolio management, multi-channel social and mixed media analytics, fraud detection and labor data analytics.

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