The Four things that have kept me sane during the new normal have been-

  • Gratitude
  • Nutrition (Mind & Body)
  • Reflection
  • Routine

Last sprint, I ran a few sprint ceremonies — Warmups & Retrospective.

1. Themed Warmups during Standup-

My team, like any other agile team, conducts stand ups every morning but we greet each other with short icebreakers called warmups. I put some thought to tie it with our new normal and made sure sure each day the team discussed something that would relate to these personal pillars of strength. …

The last time I blogged, I’d made one secret wish- not to write about Corona Virus in my next article, because it wouldn’t be a thing anymore. Fast forward to the current day — not a single news piece, conversation or even a social media post exists without its mention.

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

Today is the 31st day of my stay at home, I counted.

I haven’t stepped out to even buy groceries — my partner did.
There’s little to no possibility that I won’t address this- not because I’m an extrovert, or an introvert, or an introverted-extrovert, or an ambivert. Or because…

..and how you are consuming it.

There have been several studies regarding the memory that water molecules contain.

photo by Ties Rademacher

It potentially was started by our forefathers as the primitive way of cleansing- internal and external. Such as the use of holy water for Baptism, consumption of water / charnamrit for Hindus, etc.

The famous rice water experiment by Dr.Masaru Emoto proved it scientifically.

He added water to three beakers, and just whispered three different words to each one for one month.

One beaker only heard- “Thank you”
One beaker only heard- “You’re an idiot”
One beaker heard nothing, it was completely ignored…

What if it doesn’t “spark joy”?

photo by sarah dorweiler

For the longest time, I’d had my share of collecting items that no one cared about. It didn’t come from a place of “what if I need this?”, but as a creative person, I’d want to repurpose, reuse & upcycle a piece of clothing or a broken mirror rather than trashing into a waste pile. I knew it could turn into something so beautiful that I’d break my heart to even donate it sometimes.

But a bunch of things happened —
a. Since motherhood, I’d rarely have the time and opportunity to look at…

They exist all around us. And you could be one of them. Here’s how.

photo by Farhan Siddicq

Have you ever encountered people around you who just seem to have their life completely on track and seem to take on more & more by the day? I’m not talking CEOs and Presidents. I’m talking about the much regular folks, you might bump into at workplaces, events and other social gatherings.

I call them Magicians.

It appears like they have a sort of magic that pulls their life together, as they’re potentially doing the same job, earning the same money, have a similar lifestyle- but…

photo by Nick Cooper

If you’ve been following my blogs and journey since the last year, you might’ve found a LOT of content about conversations — how to get better at them, being retrospective-ready and better listening techniques.

But for the longest time, I’ve struggled with having tough conversations with my peers, elders and colleagues. I still do.

Honestly, I feel I could hurt them, might’ve mistaken them or worst of all, might totally ruin the relationship that we share at the moment, if I open up a topic that’s bothering me. Because, “who might want to hear about what I feel?”

Ask yourself these six key questions, that will answer your question.

photo by Edvard Alexander Rølvaag

1. Do you have a point of view?

This is probably THE toughest one to achieve, but quite simple to answer. Be it a specific architectural / technical / interpersonal situation- if you do not have your own original take on it and are generally just “going with the flow”, then may be there’s still time. …

photo by Fauzan Ardhi

A year ago, as I was still availing my maternity leave, I used to keep jotting down notes about human behaviour and its immediate effects on productivity. Mindfulness was entering in my life in a big way.

The major follow up being joining back work, I began publishing those notes in the form of blogs.

I had no idea of why I was doing it, but I really wanted to.
It was my aim to complete a year of blogging.

I’ve written a few blogs in the past, and more than a couple of dozens of poems in my late…

That got lost and found.

photo by Sai Kiran Anagani

This article could very well be about my recent travel to India. Having just finished another travel chronicle with my partner & toddler, that too to my home country where the food, family, friends, fun and frolic literally never stopped- I could have pulled out a million thoughts out of the saga.

You can check out my last travel’s learnings if you haven’t already — where I created an Analogy between Travelling with a Toddler and an Agile Bootcamp.

But, amidst all of it, only a couple of days ago, only when I could manage…

Let’s cut to the chase- Let’s Retrospect. And well.

photo by Azgan Mjeshtri

And if you’re someone in a work environment that has anything to do with Agile or Scrum, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

For those who are not- here’s what google says-

“looking back on or dealing with past events or situations”.

In short, once a few small or big projects, features, functionalities or even plain day to day work has been achieved over a course of time- its time to hold a meeting and take time to -
reflect and look back
at what went well, what not…

Venus Nautiyal

Lead Quality Engineer | Passionate about art, travelling and spreading compassionate behaviour.

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