Oft I ponder,

‘Oer the question of life,

The harbinger of joy,

Or the cause of all Worldly strife!

A marvel of Nature,

A Divine plan,

Excerpts from On High,

He created Man!

The scepter of life,

Given unto His own

Every species protect,

Extinction unknown.

They plundered her core,

And left her to bleed,

Nature benign,

Malignant her seed!

Supremacy the reason,

For eons of utter destruction,

Every atom vying for its space,

In a game they called construction.

Copiously she wept

Crimson her tears,

Her children lay dying,

Heart rending her fears!

History re defined,

Time a measure,

Timelessness we buried,

The real treasure!

Shadows were cast,

Of ages no more,

Stories so dreadful,

Of suffering and gore.

Still blessings we seek,

For a glorious past,

Shameful our deeds,

Alas! How long can eternity last!

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