VenusEnergy — Windhan Energy Partnership Announcement

We’re pleased to announce the formal partnership between VenusEnergy and Windhan Energy. Both projects will be sharing technical resources, as well as cooperating in marketing and co-branding activities to help build both ecosystems and communities.

This is partnership further strengthens our marketplace proposition and allows VenusEnergy customers to access Windhan Energy Technology. We look forward to collaborating and building with the team at Windhan Energy.

Windhan Energy, based on Estonia. Windhan is a blockchain-based green energy Crowdfunding and trading platform which uses blockchain technology to create a more meritocratic next generation of renewable energy assets. It brings together green energy producers and consumers to sell and buy renewable energy without overpaying to corporations, suppliers and other intermediaries. It is a platform to combine energy developers, investors, and consumers and facilitates carbon credit trading through a global and decentralized network that allows energy assets to be funded and launched.

We hope that together we will reach great heights in the project work, and also we will be able to embody more opportunities for our users.

Windhan Energy Contract: