disco femme fatale

Denim hugging the body of a strong woman that don’t need no man.

She gracefully strides across the room with red pumps,

With eyes that can cut a heart open into two.

The rainbow lights sporadically flash against

The rainbow people that just wanna have a good ol’ time.

Suits made of glitter and gold

Decorative canes donned with indigo feathers,

Spaceman shields taking place of

Rose-colored glasses

The attire is oh so fire!

Watch the strong woman,

Take center

She is a site for sore eyes

A limited edition -

Collector’s item only

Grooving her hips side to side,

She smiles

A man gets knocked off his feet

“Oh my! Oh my!”

The games have begun

The rude ones drop dead to the floor

One by one

Mysterious deaths they sure were

No one expected it to be her

She’s a mischievous lady

Strutting out the club,

“The deed is done.”

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