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What is so evil about bookish knowledge?

Disclaimer: My little aggression.

“Don’t give me your academic bullshit.” “Keep your bookish knowledge to yourself.”

Okay. But why? What is so improper about stating something which is theoretically true? So you say there is a huge gap between what academicians say and real life experience. Could be. If only the world was as correct. That’s way too idealistic for you. But what’s wrong with aspiring to be idealist? Oh, and academics isn’t Bob Marley wisdom, it comes from studying and stating the very pragmatic and impulsive actions of ours. While we are busy jumping from one scene to another, feeling accomplished of finishing off tasks, they are spending years reviewing our thoughtful and thoughtless actions and documenting insights on it. They articulate things for us which we are too lazy care about. Academic world allows you to believe, doubt, question anything but most importantly to first go figure if that belief is even factually true. To support every single thought, they seek its proof in the past or present. When you can’t find right words for your feelings or observations, well thank the researcher who went out deep diving in that concept a couple of decades back and has created a term for you to refer to.

So, loath the thinkers as you may mistake their choice of promoting thought excellence and documenting these ideas as a cowardly act of not going “out there” and “doing it”. But, the world would always need both. It has always been dependent on the collective efforts of both thinkers and doers. Remember the times when you as a lost specie lent your entire existence to someone’s fictitious book you now call religion? Maybe not the best example. How about those famous names you quote to make things simpler? Socrates, Plato, Marx, you know the list, don’t need to name them. The best way of critical thinking requires input from both experiential learning and a premise of relevant knowledge from the past to form basis to your thought process.

Probably in today’s day and age the former isn’t as glorified. Rather, anything which is not entrepreneurial is lackluster. That would hopefully change when the equilibrium strikes, (afterall it is always better to borrow opinions from books than Facebook articles). Till then, no matter how much you disregard someone’s text based opinion be a little patient, there could be a fair chance of its author having a bit more ‘real life experience’ in that domain than you.

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