By Jean-Yves Charlier, Chief Executive Officer

We are proud to announce that VEON and Hutchison were recognised at the TMT M&A Awards 2017 as winners of the Telecom M&A Deal of the Year for the EUR 22 billion merger of Wind Italia and 3 Italia in Italy.

I would like to thank TMT Finance for this prestigious award, which recognises the hard work and dedication of our teams in bringing together Wind and 3 Italia. …

VEON Launches Personal Internet Platform in Major Markets

by Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO

Today’s launch marks a milestone in our ambition to redefine the online experience for customers in the markets of tomorrow. …

by Yogesh Malik, Chief Technology Officer

Taking a clean-sheet approach to digital transformation

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The clean-sheet approach

VEON is more than a new name. It is about rebooting our entire system, behaving like a hustling startup, and building the next generation network from scratch. I call it the clean-sheet approach, moving forward without the legacy of existing systems. The car industry has done this with Tesla, so there is no reason why another traditional sector cannot achieve similar success with true disruption.

The starting point is always the same: if you obsess about the consumer and what they need, you will arrive at the right solution. We have taken back control of our customer relationships and made the user experience a key strand of our DNA. Our new company, VEON, will provide customers services, quality, and automation that others will end up copying. …

by Christopher Schlaeffer, Chief Digital Officer

Creating a revolutionary personal internet platform to deliver a new experience to hundreds of millions of customers in the markets of tomorrow

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Introducing VEON

Yesterday, VimpelCom became VEON. VEON is the new name of our company and at the same time our new personal internet platform. VEON integrates communication, messaging and everything the internet has to offer with powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence, to finally put the user in control.

VEON is where people can depend on one true source, one reliable platform, a place to go as a first stop, a place to begin. VEON is designed to help us leapfrog from serving customers in the declining telco industry, to being a new kind of global technology company in thriving markets; a tenth of the world’s population. …

by Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO

Reinventing a global communications pioneer into a global tech company, aiming to lead the personal internet revolution by bringing new experiences to hundreds of millions of customers in the markets of tomorrow

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Today marks the beginning of a new and exciting era as VimpelCom becomes VEON.

Before outlining the future, let me talk about the solid corporate turnaround we believe places us in pole position to lead the personal internet revolution in the frontier markets we serve.

In the past few years, the telecom industry’s performance has been lackluster in many markets across the world. Growth has been elusive, even in emerging markets, and the industry has failed to reinvent itself. Our industry is at a crossroads and in desperate need of reinvention. The sector has lacked meaningful engagement with customers, particularly in prepaid markets where customer loyalty has been limited at best. It risks simply becoming dumb pipes for others, as consumers and businesses communicate, share and socialise for free through fast-growing OTT players. …



A global tech company aiming to lead the personal internet revolution, bringing new experiences to hundreds of millions of customers in the markets of tomorrow

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