VEON Launches Personal Internet Platform in Major Markets

by Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO

We are proud to announce the launch of our new global personal internet platform in many of our key markets, including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Pakistan, with Italy following towards the end of the week. Named VEON, the platform was unveiled to Italian customers earlier this year, and now the upgraded version will be available to hundreds of millions more across the world.

Today’s launch marks a milestone in our ambition to redefine the online experience for customers in the markets of tomorrow. With this release we are poised to lead the personal internet revolution, focused on bringing personalised, customised experiences to consumers based on context.

At the heart of the new platform is an innovative take on communication and messaging, emphasising superior identity management, customer care and customised content and offers. VEON gives customers access not only to chat, calls, and a fresh, innovative account management platform, but also the best features on the mobile internet. Our integration of powerful data analytics and artificial intelligence enables users to discover new content daily: personalized top stories, music and video are all accessible through VEON’s beautiful interface. Best of all, accessing the platform and its core functions is completely free of charge — VEON network customers can use it even when they’re out of credit.

VEON is the first platform offering users access to such a comprehensive range of services in a single, standalone mobile environment. It enables users to:

Catch up with messaging and calls — in private or in a group.

Stay in touch with photos, videos, audio messages and more. They can even share their location, making it easy to meet up.

Get the news, music and video that matter to them — with fully personalised daily recommendations.

VEON network customers can link their mobile account to manage their plan, check their remaining credit and allowances, and top-up instantly.

Save Time and Money:
Do all this in a single app — for free.

This is just the beginning — as VEON’s capabilities expand, we expect our customers to be able to do even more on our platform in the future. To enable this, we will be offering new services in conjunction with a growing number of partners, based on contextual information gathered from consenting customers.

The digital world is rapidly changing, and at VEON we are poised to pioneer new opportunities in this dynamic landscape.


Be Free

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A global tech company aiming to lead the personal internet revolution, bringing new experiences to hundreds of millions of customers in the markets of tomorrow