VEON: the experience

by Christopher Schlaeffer, Chief Digital Officer

Creating a revolutionary personal internet platform to deliver a new experience to hundreds of millions of customers in the markets of tomorrow

Introducing VEON

VEON is where people can depend on one true source, one reliable platform, a place to go as a first stop, a place to begin. VEON is designed to help us leapfrog from serving customers in the declining telco industry, to being a new kind of global technology company in thriving markets; a tenth of the world’s population.

We are ready. VEON, our new personal internet platform, is live in Italy. With ’My Account’ you stay in control of your identity and spend. You enjoy totally free messaging, chat and voice calls — even when you are out of credit. The latest news, music, video, entertainment, offers and relevant services will be personalised just for you.

Creating a personal marketplace for the next generation of internet services

The first of many partnerships

Consumers are accessing more video on their mobile phones than ever before. To help satisfy the desire for mobile video, VEON and STUDIO+ have struck a global distribution partnership that will bring feature film quality short form video to VEON’s customer base of over 235 million people across the globe. Vivendi’s new service, STUDIO+, is an innovative new format which provides customers with a series of 10 minute episodes of compelling long-form narrative. Designed for bite-sized, snackable consumption, VEON’s customers will be able to access beautifully produced cinematic short form video across a range of genres.


Today, we are pleased to unveil a global partnership with Deezer, the world’s most diverse and dynamic music streaming service which boasts one of the biggest global music libraries. VEON will link mobile customers across the globe with Deezer’s extensive music library of over 43 million tracks and over 40,000 pieces of broader audio content. VEON users will have access to tracks, featured artists and custom playlists directly from the VEON platform. Tracks and music news will be customized to each VEON user, making the experience personal, relevant and meaningful. This partnership spans all our markets and provides a clear path for migration from free to paying users with local pricing and content.


We are announcing a partnership with Mastercard, the world’s leading processor of card transactions, for their Masterpass solution. By integrating Masterpass into our VEON platform, our users will now enjoy fast and secure payments. With just one click, VEON users will be able to purchase mobile airtime and make all of their digital transactions. VEON users will also have access to all digital merchants onboarded by Masterpass today and in the future.

VEON is also partnering with innovator and global music artist and his technology company VEON will integrate AneedA, a device-agnostic virtual assistant with a conversational interface to the internet, apps, streaming music and other services on the platform.

Investing in digital talent

Upholding the highest standards in privacy & data protection

A contextual internet

VEON is the re-birth of our company, and a realisation of a whole new way of experiencing the internet.

A global tech company aiming to lead the personal internet revolution, bringing new experiences to hundreds of millions of customers in the markets of tomorrow