Suorin Air Instructions

The Suorin Air Instructions are simple to master.

What’s in the Box

When you first open the Suorin Air box, you’ll see a battery and a cartridge. Below those, you’ll find a USB charging cable as well as an instruction manual you can reference if you ever have questions.

Fill the Cartridge

First, remove the Suorin Air from the box and disconnect the top cartridge. On the bottom of the cartridge, you’ll see a small stopper. Remove the stopper so that you can see the inside of the cartridge.

Grab some of your favorite e-liquid and fill up the cartridge. Once the cartridge is full, place the stopper back in place.

Slide the cartridge back onto the battery.
Once it is attached, the Suorin Air is ready to use.

Turn On & Vape

Flip the on/off switch on the bottom side of the battery to on. The device is now powered and ready to hit.

Bring the top corner of the Suorin Air that has a small opening to your mouth. Inhale on the Suorin Air

Vape the Suorin

The Suorin Air will then produce vapor. Unlike other vaporizers, the Suorin Air does not have a button to activate it. It is an automatic vape, meaning that users can inhale without doing anything else to produce vapor.