People vaping without nicotine come in a wide variety, but the largest group is former smokers that have successfully made the transition to vape. These former smokers have reduced the amount of nicotine slowly in their vaporizer over time to reduce their dependency on the substance.

Another group is those who enjoy the social aspects of vaping but have never smoked or used nicotine products so opt instead to choose vaping products that do not include nicotine. The increasing number of local vape shops, lounges, and events have created a thriving social scene. The vaping scene is one that many people have joined as a way to both make friends and explore the social world of vaporizers.

People that enjoy vaping without nicotine have that discovered the enjoyment of the sensation and delicious flavors. Anyone that has ever used a vaporizer knows how pleasant they can be. With so many flavors available and an even wider variety of vaporizers, a large number of people have begun to treat vaping as a hobby.

One other benefit of vaping without nicotine is improved flavor. E-juice without nicotine almost always tastes better. As people vape more and more, they often begin to notice this difference in taste and carry some e-juice that has no nicotine for times when they’re looking for better flavor rather than a hit of nicotine.

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