Running is great for ins(pers)piration…

This is my second article and I am very pleased about the topic, because is about something I love: running. This words and some new ideas came up while I was running at 7:30 a.m.!

I´m not a “heavy runner” at the moment (I think I never was, although I already ran 2 half marathons and I run a few times). I used to run more regularly and the truth is that I love the feeling, the sense of well-being, the great energy that comes out after sweating the t-shirt… if you run, you know what I mean. :) If you don´t run, please try and then tell me.

But today the message I bring you it´s not about “my running”, it´s about what I found in this morning run.

It´s very important for me to do some exercise (for my psychologycal and physical health)...even if it´s just 30 minutes. Today, I ran only 3 kms just to warm up the day. Woke up at 7 a.m., ate a banana, dressed my t-shirt (in this pic), put on my sneakers and went out for a quick run. By the way, "just do it" is my new mantra along with "done is better than perfect"!
I could also add another one "talk less do more"... I´m on my way. :)
Someone wise told me, recently, that sometimes you just have to go through, take risks, have courage, try different things, because if you never try you will never know what great things can happen. And believe me, I know it. So, try to go out for a run, if you can´t run, then walk. 

So, let´s move on in this story about my early morning run.

About today´s morning running…

I am not a morning person, I need an extra coffee to awake my brain everyday and I don´t usually have the needed energy to go to the gym before work time. But today, was different… I had some will to go out and run (sometimes I have this thing) even if isn´t the period of the day that I prefer to do exercise.

I had a conference call scheduled for 8:30 a.m., so I choose to stay at home working in order to attend it and to me more focused on the learning design process that I am working on (Instructional Design for an elearning module). It will definitely helps me out.

Running is the new way of getting Inspiration!

I only ran 3 kms in a very low pace (“turtle mode”) but the important is that I did it and it brought me a lot of good things. I am in a good mood, has an extra energy, feeling more relaxed and focused in my work.

So, it´s not important how fast you go, the first step is decide and go (and sometimes I know it´s hard to move the ass and do something, everybody has breakdowns, lack of energy, excuses, all other important things to do (but we have the power to decide what is important for us), etc…

While I was running a lot of thoughts came up, work to do, how I´ll do all the things I have to do, plans for tomorrow, and suddenly, new ideas began to emerge. And in that moment I picked up my phone and recorded those ideias and saved immediatly on evernote (great app btw).

The key message is that running has a lot of benefits (I will write about them later) and today I found a new one: Inspiration, besides perspiration… “perspiration of new ideas”!

And if you wonder what new ideas I got during my running, don´t miss the next article.

Note: I´m not an English native speaker, so if you find errors, please send me a comment/note.