UAE — A Key Contributor In Driving Effective E-waste Management

Amongst all the countries in middle east, UAE tops the position in being the most innovative and connected smart country. From number eight in 2015 to number three in 2017, UAE has come a long way. And today, UAE emerges among top 3 countries in the world with the highest number of digitally connected consumers after North America and Hong Kong.

Having said that, the increase in usage of electronic devices(digital connectivity) in UAE has resulted in a drastic rise in e-waste generation. Yet, the global achiever like UAE is well-versed with the issue and is all set to beat the world by stepping up in eco-friendly e-waste management. How? The only answer to it is environment-friendly e-waste recycling. To know more, have a look at the latest smart trends going on in UAE for e-waste recycling.

Analysis Of E-waste Generation

Per capita income in UAE is much higher than other countries. Owing to the fact, residents spend more and more on digital equipment. Further, the short-lived devices tend to get disposed very frequently resulting in massive e-waste disposition.

According to UN statistics — an average citizen in UAE generates approximately 17.2 kg of e-waste annually. This figure crossed almost 600,000 tonnes in 2015 and is forecast to mount to 900,000 tonnes of e-waste by 2020.

Back in 2014, the e-waste was at large disposed of in landfills accompanied with hazardous materials that degrade in a span of 100 years. The posing threat to environment and health of people is being tackled greatly by public awareness and smart ventures into managing e-waste judiciously.

The Emirates — E-waste Management Enterprise

UAE is constantly involved in pursuing the growing concern of e-waste management by associating with international companies that recycle and refurbish e-waste. Predominantly, the country is enterprising in implementing new methods of approaching the e-waste recycling procedure in a smart way that facilitates each citizen.

As on ‘world environment day’ the popular cab company Uber announced a 3 day e-waste collection campaign in Dubai from 2nd July to 4th July. This included free doorstep pick up of old end of life laptops, desktop monitors, mobile phones and other dead electronic devices. The facility was available to the people through the uber app which had the complimentary e-waste pick up option.

Uber UAE collaborated with Dubai Internet City, Dubai Science Park and Averda(e-waste management company) to tackle the e-waste collection and dumping productively. The drive was carried out successfully and the e-waste was disposed of in Averda for further process.

More so, the Emirates is developing the smartest e-waste bin which is about to launch by 2020. This e-bin will effectively meet the e-waste recycling demand in UAE. The bin will be a smart movable waste dumping system which will effectively communicate and convey information to the e-waste collection company as well as the user. For instance, the e-bin will inform the user about the recycling compatibility of the e-waste items and it will also inform the company for collection when it’s full. When the e-bin is short of enough dumping space, it will instantly suggest the location of the nearest e-bin in that particular area.

The e-bin is being designed by the Baharash Architecture, the developers of famous destinations like The Sustainable City in Dubai and The Oasis Eco Resort in Liwa.

According to the Baharash designers, the e-bin will be durable, operable in all weathers and have a lightweight. The best part is, that the e-bin will not be connected to any electrical source and will operate through solar power meant to recharge its touch screen lid.

These environment-friendly ventures of UAE definitely showcase the explicit capability of the country in combating with the national issues like these.

The Biggest E-waste Recycling Plant

The Dubai Wholesale City has come to terms with Enviroserve, one of the largest international leaders which supply end-to-end environmental solutions for IT asset disposition and e-waste processing and recycling. The project about to start will be one-of-its-kind in the entire region.

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