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  • The Internet era has led to the explosion of personal data sharing online, which has left many deeply concerned with how corporations use and misuse user data, often without consent (think: healthcare, fintech, advertising, even collateralized DeFi lending).
  • Distributed blockchain architectures combined with privacy-preserving technologies can solve the problem of centralized data ownership. However, many of the privacy-focused developments in the space are highly specific and financially-targeted (like Zcash). …

  • Historically, companies raise funding through public (stock market, available to all) or private (high-amount investments from accredited investors, called Regulation D) means. That dogma has been changing.
  • In 2015, the SEC passed “Regulation A+,” a rule that makes certain securities offerings exempt from registration, in order to facilitate capital raises for smaller U.S.- and Canada-based companies and startups. Reg A+ offerings allow companies to raise money from both accredited and unaccredited investors, democratizing their investing sphere greatly. There’s two major kinds of Reg A+ offerings.
  • Reg A+ offerings might be suited for companies seeking mid-stage investment that want distance from institutional investor control over the company, and deeply care about customer engagement and support. …

  • This past week, Congress held 2-day hearings regarding the anticipated impact and regulation of Libra and Facebook. Some of the biggest concerns raised included:
  • Defining Libra within the current financial ecosystem. It’s unclear whether Libra will function purely as a payment vehicle, or also has the potential to act as a commodity, security, or ETF.
  • Financing criminal activities. Concerns abound about how a decentralized, unregulated financial ecosystem might be a gateway for those looking to finance human trafficking, drug trade, terrorism, etc.
  • Widespread, economy-threatening growth. Libra’s potential almost entirely relies on Facebook’s 2.4 billion user base. Once Libra launches for the general public, rapid widespread adoption might drastically hurt the value of the US dollar, threatening the country’s position in trade and economic systems. …



A weekly newsletter by Paul Veradittakit, Partner at Pantera Capital, on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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