Redefining the Luxury Watch Industry — Customisation of Timepieces

The luxury watch market is changing. It is becoming a place where people can create their own unique timepieces, no expense spared. So what does customisation mean and how will it effect the luxury watch market going forward?




noun: customisation

  1. the action of modifying something to suit a particular individual or task.
  2. “the new software allows customization”
  3. a modification made to something to suit a particular individual or task.
  4. “users can save these customizations”

In true fashion style, we like to be unique. Whether it be a custom denim jacket with your own patches and labels, jeans you ripped yourself or a watch created to your exacting requirements; the possibilities are endless.

Customisation is something that luxury watchmakers have caught onto pretty quickly. Following in the footsteps of successful brands like Adidas, the demand for a unique and versatile timepiece is no longer just for the wealthy clients.

It goes further than just having a personalised message or initials engraved on to the rear of the dial. The ever present craving for individuality and the need to be unique or ‘one of a kind’ brought the creation of interchangeable straps. This is a great option for those with ever changing tastes. Bored of gold or silver? Let’s go for a bit of black leather today then. Hublot and Omega are just two of the luxury watch brands to jump onboard with the changeable strap trend.

Of course, for those with the big bucks to spend and the need to be limited edition, there are options above and beyond just engraving and changeable straps. When money can be spent, dials can be changed and watch faces changed color or encrusted with the stone of your choice. How does this affect the future value of the watch?

Well, that is something that is very difficult to estimate. Whilst limited edition watches often fetch a bit more than a standard model, tastes vary among watch enthusiasts and one man’s bling may be another man’s worst nightmare.

Is customisation worth it then? For those looking to make a special, one off purchase or add to the family heir looms then yes, absolutely. For the collectors it is also a great addition to the watch box. But, for those who are in the business of making money on luxury watches, it could be a game of chance.

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