The 365-Days Life Transformation

Or how travelling makes you feel alive.

Have you ever stopped and really thought about what are your dreams? What is that one thing you desire the most?

Chapter I: The Change Came

I never thought mine was travelling, until I bought my first DLSR. I always loved photography, yet I knew deep inside there is more that life could offer me. Taking photos of friends, family and clients was truly filling me with joy, but with time, my passion faded away to give place to the unknown. My never stopping ambitions and curious mindset took me on a road I never considered taking. And in the blink of an eye, my life shifted turning me from an amateur art lover to a self-employed travel photographer.

Chapter II — Embrace The Unknown

My new career lead me to unexpected situations helping me develop my skills and my perceptions of life. I was that kind of girl who can enjoy the coziness of the couch and warmth of a cuppa coffe for days. Taking me on a road trip was almost impossible for my friends. Although I like taking photos, I reduced the uniqueness of their themes to a tiny “around-the-block” collection.

Not long after we took the first step towards the new lifestyle our family was headed towards and finally decided to put our tiny dwelling on the lease market to finance our new ideas, we grew to understand home is actually where your heart is. It was hard for my husband and I to get to this conclusion at first and watching the removalists taking away our household items, we feared the joyful memories we share will blend away with the hollowness of our home.

Chapter III — Behind The Corner

Turned out, we were one step away from a change, a transformation we were longing for a long time. With the new job, my husband took, new doors opened in our life and we found ourselves looking over a new horizon. We were no loner stuck on a 9–5 job trying to find a way to get through another tedious day. Our minds were free of worries, free of boundaries. Although we never knew where the next trip is going to take us, we were always happy with the end results. That road trip, was an year of love and adventure. An year filled with desire to explore and live to the fullest which gave us more than we ever hoped to receive. And even now, after our 365 days of exploring the country, the joy and excitement are still following our every step. We settled down in a greener suburb, with our newly-born in hands, knowing there is more good to come to our doorstep.

So, take your time and figure our, what makes you happy. And even though you may not know at that time, be sure happiness will come your way.

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