Tabs in RNoteBooks

Let’s state the obvious: i’m not a great fan of Shiny. I think it’s not the superb data visualizing tool that most say it is.

For the sake of just comparison, i’m not going to praise here for the goodness of Tableau (allowing R analytics inside, if you don’t mind I ‘d mention) versus spaghetti code, and not fairly readable by the way, that Shiny needs.

The main drawback is the steep learning curve comparing to other tools, convoluted architecture and a fairly complex code to read for a person who works with data. You’ll end up wasting too much time for a very simple (and sometimes ugly) data viz.

So, having a Shiny server at hand, and taking into account that supports RMarkdown presentations, there’s nothing more I can say. RNoteBooks and Tabs, is all I need.

Easy to get tabs on your presentations. Use the code below:

output: html_document
# Tabs {.tabset}
## First Tab
my first tab content
## second Tab
my second tab content 

Bon appetit