Why Every Progressive Should Vote For Hillary Clinton
Sara Benincasa

This has to be satire since you’re a comedian…right? Prisoners Dilemma? A vote for a third party is Not a vote for Trump, and by saying that, you contribute to the fear mongering and elitist party nonsense that keeps us trapped within these two horrible parties. There are SO many articles explaining how a third party vote is not a wasted vote. And there are even more articles that shift the blame to explain that if we really wanted trump to lose, why would the DNC push a candidate with such low approvals in the middle of a federal investigation? My vote is mine, and I will use it how I please. If Trump wins, you can pat the DNC on the back, and realize that it’s time for the duopoly to change.

I actually just finished reading this one. Maybe you should give it a read. Think outside the box. And please stop perpetuating this lie that any vote, other than for the two parties, is a throw away. It’s shameful.