Illustration by Maya Abashidze

Mane Tandilyan: Former Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of Armenia on why she is thinking to open a school for aspiring female politicians.

We were talking about the Velvet revolution in Armenia and the women behind the scenes that made it happen, and a friend of a friend asked, “Do you know Mane? Now there’s a woman with character."

Talking with Mane now about the role of women in Armenian politics, her life…

Illustration by Maya Abashidze

Helga Hernandez: Former Colombian Deputy Minister of National Education on a woman’s role in the land of magical realism.

She started her presentation about Colombia with the words of magical realism. Right then, I knew this former deputy Minister of Education of Colombia, one of the youngest women to be in that position, had something magical about her as well. Also, there might have been some bias. One of…

Image by Arnaud Bouissou/MEDDTL

One of the summers during college I worked in a wholesale trading company as a marketing assistant. Purchasing bearings and other automobile parts from Alibaba and selling them on a much glitzier page designed for Canadian customers. Across from my desk sat a girl about the same age, doing admin…

Illustration by Maya Abashidze

Jennifer Chan, Hong Kong’s Power Woman: “My DNA is a bit rebellious.”

Jennifer walked in with a big smile on her face. Tall, slender, she walks with her shoulders back, head high. Living in Hong Kong, she hikes to stay active, and as we chatted, I thought, now here is a woman that embodies a female role model. Born in Hong Kong…

Illustration by Maya Abashidze

Diane Mak: On why she went from investment banking to a not-for-profit and the first social impact bond.

Diane is a Director of International Development at Social Finance. A not-for-profit organization that partners with government, social sector, and the financial community to find better ways of tackling social problems in UK and beyond. As part of the Asia Global Fellowship, Diane and I are traveling to China to…

Illustration by Maya Abashidze

Bruna Gagliardi: “Kung Fu” Diplomat from Brazil

I meet Bruna after a lecture at the University of Hong Kong and we walk through a sea of students looking for a quiet place to sit and for me to interview her. After 10–15 minutes, and a look into a few coffee shops we realize a quiet spot is…

Illustration by Maya Abashidze

Tegshee Darambazar: From Interpol to Mongolian Politics.

We are sitting across from each other at the small coffee shop down High St in Sai Yung Pun area of Hong Kong as Tegshee starts recalling her childhood in Mongolia. She is soft-spoken and chooses her words carefully. I know her story, or so I think. A police officer…

Image by Thomas Dworzhak

I have been working with governments across the world for 8 years. First, as Minister of Economy of Georgia. Later advising governments in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and most recently in Asia Pacific. And everywhere I go I encounter the same thing — women are still struggling to be heard…

Vera Kobalia

Former Minister of Economy. Current Adviser to Governments (innovation in public sector). Women Advocate.👭Trying to change how girls think about careers.

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