Today’s thought;
It’s not always
The hardest of thoughts
That hits the spot
But a simplest of word
That fits the spot.

Thus, have been known
Since, decades and centuries
Thus, have been said
In, pages and phrases

A simplest of gesture,
Like these words for you
Wouldn’t have written
If I had thought otherwise

Ephemeral, that thoughts are
Living, for a day
Hooked, at the first hit
Forgotten, few slides later

When you remember again
Only To be
Reminded again next time
When you affirm again
Only to be
Reaffirmed again next time

One Day, a shudder after
It hits
You lived again
Those simplest of gestures

And then

May these words
Find you
May it pop
At the right time
At the right place

May these words
Finds you
Brings you
Levitates you
To a higher consciousness
To appreciate the beauty of existence
To know,
You are alive.