If you’re a girl who silently thinks about sex or have friends who rather keep mum about their sexual encounters. Then here are few types of sex every girl should have once in a lifetime. Also, read here about reasons why you should have sex every day.

Shower Sex:

There’s nothing sexy than watching your man showered with water and soap all over his body. Sure this type of sex will make genitals dry out you’ll feel slippery, but it’s seriously worth it all.

Honeymoon Sex:

Normally, this sex is considered to be the one where both guy and the girl are thought to lose their virginity. However, there’s nothing more blissful then spending this night where two souls meet each other.

I’m sorry sex:

You sure need to cross the thin line between anger and love for each other as this type of sex will surely make you feel affectionate and better.

Vacation sex:

There can be nothing more thrilling than having sex with your man while you’re on a lovely place away from the city and all its hustle. Read here about period sex.

Someone would catch us sex:

You guys have surely had sparks flying for each other, but someone would watch it might prevent you from not making out. However, we suggest look for a corner and steal the moment.

Sex on the beach

This is the best place when it comes to outdoor sex making. There’s nothing sexy than having sex at a place where ocean waves roll back and forth and also set a calm atmosphere for you.

Sex on a rooftop:

This would surely make up for a good place away from the sound of the neighbors and out in open air.

Morning sex:

This is the ultimate experience a girl should sure have in her life. It’s so much better than regular sex.

Drunk sex:

Obviously, this type of sex should be with someone whom you know. Once in a while its great to lose all your inhabitations and control and have the time of your life.

Selfish sex:

Obviously you would have had a moment where would give and receive equally. But once in an while, you should lay back and let him do all the work. Here are few things every girl should know about sex.

Spontaneous sex:

If you’re one of those people who follow some order or particular time for sex, then this is the one for you. Just break the rule once in a while and get going.

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