We need more companies like Medium
Fabricio Teixeira

Good work, Fabricio! Medium is great, we have blog on Medium too. “We need more companies like Medium“— so, nice to meet you:) I’m from APM Agentuur, and we think that advertising system must be reformed. First and foremost, paid subscription has to be brought back (as it was with newspapers). We need to understand that, as long as somebody else pays for us, somebody else decides who you are and what you will read. To bring back paid subscription means to rehabilitate quality analytic journalist and to give back journalism its legitimate power. Paying for the content, you become one of the responsible for the news portal. While journalists will be motivated to meet high standards, you will get only high-quality content. Second, we need to change how advertising works and is perceived by others. APM Agentuur (www.adpays.me) has already been doing that, trying to change the existing advertising system. You are welcome!

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