I Was Wrong about Trump Voters
Michael Baharaeen

Having read your piece and the comments — some of which are extremely insightful — I must state one significant issue which Nietzsche called “the will to ignorance”. As a transplanted NYCer living now in Arkansas, I have witnessed first hand the absolutely staggering will to ignore facts and reality, the crusade of Christian warriors and the polarity that has been unleashed by this administration and it is NOT being exercised by the uneducated alone. The toxicity created by the disenfranchisement of the white middle and upper middle class is deadly and irrational. It is the great monster let out of Pandora’s Box by this election and the weakness of the Democratic platforms as well as their short-sightedness. This is the unbridgeable canyon.

In my experience, seldom does rational and fact-based discourse result in a mutual understanding and productive dialogue with these believers some of which were friends and no longer are. When one cannot use facts and reality as a basis for debate, there is no commonality and, thus, no debate. It’s rather like the kind and loveable family dog has contracted rabies. You do not try to pet it anymore. More severe measures must be taken.

America has seen derision before. Once it resulted in civil war. While this is a hideous result no one wanted then or now, I’m afraid we are gazing to long into the abyss.

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