An imagined scenario: Donald Trump wins the 2016 U.S. election

(Updated with a March 2016 postscript.)

Note (3/11/16): At this time, the following is a fictitious dialogue about imagined future events. It’s fiction (and commentary, plus a bit of satire). 3/12/16 update: …Although current reality is alarmingly reflecting elements of this piece — already. Ref.: One recent news article link (no affiliation): (Also please see a postscript, below.)

Originally-written story follows:

Major world-news network (from Great Britain) news anchor #1: “Good evening, United Kingdom. It’s Friday, November 11, 2016, and here are the latest extraordinary events from the United States:
Major news network anchor #2: Yes, anchor #1, oddly it is Veterans Day in the United States, but parades and ceremonies scheduled for many major cities have been cancelled due to the escalating violence — now entering its third day.
Anchor 1: To briefly recap: Post-election protests quickly swelled in several major U.S. cities — including New York, Boston and Washington D.C. — after it became clear that Donald Trump would likely claim a narrow Electoral College victory the morning following the presidential election in that divided country.
Anchor 2: Street clashes between publicly-celebrating crowds of Trump supporters and groups of frustrated protesters broke out not only in the cities mentioned, but quickly materialized in others: Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco and Seattle, to name major ones. Several large U.S. minority-populated communities are apparently experiencing persisting unrest, as we’ve seen. Some notable environmental organizations have also been a visible presence at various demonstration locations.
Anchor 1: Yes, #2, these clashes have now dwarfed the pitched battles the world watched at — and outside of — the July Cleveland GOP convention, where Trump was anointed the Republican Party nominee. Recall that that midwestern American city experienced police vs. Trump- and anti-Trump protester battles reminiscent of those at the Chicago Democratic convention back in 1968. Protesters of both sides quickly tore through barricades, battling each other and the initially-overwhelmed police for two long nights there. Extensive damage to property in several downtown areas. Plus of course, the shocking automatic-weapons gunfire wounding of a group of anti-Trump protesters, eventually connected to three persons aligned with a white-nationalist splinter organization.
Anchor 2: At the time in Cleveland as we recall, Trump variously called crowds of #neverTrump (etc.)protesters ‘losers’, ‘thugs’ and ‘terrorists’, and praised his own supporters for “…pretty much ‘kicking their anti-American scum-asses’…” That — among other actions — helped cement pre-election polarization of course…

[“Grant Park during the Democratic National Convention, Chicago, Illinois, 1968. Getty Images.” Non-commercial use of image. Host may display a ‘do not track’ message.]

Anchor 1: Breaking in here with another satellite shot from Boston Common, where early today three women reportedly were partially-stripped and chased by a crowd of mostly-young men chanting ‘Trump wins, we win’. National Guard in riot gear have now again cordoned-off much of the park area there, scene of two nights of violent clashes between opposing, projectile-hurling groups. Numerous arrests there overnight, but we still see the crater smoking near the Boston Massacre memorial, where an improvised device of some kind apparently was detonated ...
Anchor 2: Outgoing President Barack Obama is again on all major television networks now, appealing for calm. He is indicating again that a vote recount in at least four U.S. states may be required.
Anchor 1: Have we heard anything this morning from provisional-President-Elect Trump?
Anchor 2: Nothing we’ve seen since he retired to his Mar-a-Lago estate shortly after proclaiming election victory and profusely thanking his loyal supporters. Recall that he curiously mentioned that his formerly-hosted reality show — ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ — would still be airing early next year.
Anchor 1: We’ve now just learned that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be holding a news conference at 12 noon, EST. Not certain what about, but that could be interesting, as rumors persist that the U.S. military leadership is extremely concerned about Trump’s varying campaign rhetoric involving existing treaties and legal obligations. Very unusual to have a press event called by the U.S. military leaders.
…Meanwhile, just now we’re seeing a sky-cam shot of throngs of worried investors milling outside the New York Stock Exchange, ahead of a rare midday re-opening. Perhaps-overblown concerns that Trump’s proposed massive tariffs on trade from China and Mexico among others could now become reality, helped spur the 2,400-point Dow Jones bottom-drop on Wednesday. Key American-based multi-nationals hammered in that session. The London Stock Exchange among other world markets that attempted to recover from large losses a bit today.
Anchor 2: Events coming quickly here…We’ve also now learned that a group of Democratic Party legislators will be speaking on Capitol Hill shortly. Possibly the same leadership group from that party who have indicated for months that they could not support the divisive-campaigner if circumstances led to this result. The entire Congressional Black Caucus plus key senators from many northern U.S. states have been part of that group, as we know.
Anchor 1: Another statement just released from French President Hollande, appealing for calm in his country’s Muslim-populated neighborhoods, where raucous protests have spread following the U.S. election. His statement again offers French air support for American military jets presently patrolling airspace around key facilities. Communicated threats attributed to ISIL and other radical Islamist terror groups against the U.S. homeland have reached unprecedented intensity in the past three days.
Anchor 2: …Still also monitoring air video here of that huge coal ash spill in West Virginia yesterday, polluting a major river. First reports indicated that a large coal-hauling truck was stolen and then crashed through a coal-slurry impoundment field’s retaining dike near a key juncture. Twelve downstream municipalities’ water-intakes have now been shut down. The EPA is monitoring this and several other destructive acts involving mining waste in that region….”

Enough: …Breaking this off for now. (Even I don’t wish to imagine more...) Remember: It’s just one fictitious scenario. Thanks for reading and considering.

P.S. (3/16/16 update.) Incendiary candidate Donald Trump today predicted “riots” if he is denied at the GOP nominating convention. (Or were his words a tacit threat of those? A Trump supporter also later somehow got herself on TV and absurdly(?) indicated that “riots” “…aren’t necessarily a bad thing.” )

Flame-fanning Mr. Trump et al of course would mostly be referring to the pro-Trump-supporter body of protesters, as imagined in part of the story above. As we’ve seen (especially just after this small article was coincidentally written), growing anti-Trump demonstrations are already a reality at the candidate’s rallies.

So what might be a point to ponder a bit? If you happen to be the current leadership of the embattled national Republican Party: At a contested convention, could (possible) nominating maneuvers partially-reflect which (demonstrating?) group(s) you might incense more? Or specifically might not want to incense? Pro-Trumpers, or anti- ? (Just one conceivable aspect (possibly) of those divided ‘camps’ : Racially (relatively-) homogeneous, vs. more racially-diverse…?)

…But ruminating upon that story line perhaps won’t really matter much at the end. As merely imagined in the article above, (with such acrimony and goading) at this early date, it would seem that both factions might be present in hot July in Cleveland under many scenarios…. pushing to be accounted for.

Damned if you do (i.e, hold a real contest at the convention), damned if you don’t…?

Update:.…One more thing: Others have been visualizing consequences of a Trump presidency prior to my vignette, of course. One current article, and — not surprisingly — it provides a grim outlook. Off-site link, no affiliation: