The ‘Powerball’ financial plan?

Report: Most Americans are one unexpected bill away from financial peril. (Feat.: A ‘Tiffany-Bill’ conversation)

  1. Off-site link to pertinent 1/6/16 news story:

(Brief commentary follows, plus a little fiction at the end:)

As pathetic as that story is…we’ll also experience this one (a sample below), ad nauseam. (Update: $1.3(-ish) billion..jackpot!!!!!)

2. (Off-site 1/7/16 article link:)

Say could those two stories have… a connection? (Pls. see an imagined conversation, below.)

…Sorry, American dreamers. As it’s much more likely you’d be struck by lightning or die from chronic constipation than winning the lottery….

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…Here’s a real number that actually has consequence:

>>>U.S. personal saving rate reported for November, 2015 = 5.5% >>>

E.g., Compare the above to a 12.8% (second-quarter 2015) ‘household saving ratereported for 19 “euro area” countries (incl. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc..)

…Per the piteous news articles featured above; FWIW:

One too-easily-conjured-up ‘finances’ conversation in one imaginary(?) U.S. household:

Tiffany(watching TV news): “ That Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again. I like that!… But didn’t he say something about lowering wages?
…Hey ‘Powerball’ is way up, hon. No winner again!
Bill (slumping into the chair): Damn car! …Made that high-pitched sound during the ride home again. I’m pretty sure the timing belt is about to go.
Tiffany: Aww..Come on over and do a selfie with me on the new ‘i-gottahaveitPhone Plus’, hon.
Bill (not moving): Too much exhaust smoke too…
Tiffany: Well you know we only have the one car now, dear. On his advice we donated the [European luxury-brand-model car] to your financial guru’s ministry for a tax write-off. And he assumed our loan. Which reminds me…
Bill (suddenly shouting at the TV): More gun background checks?!? Over my dead body, Obama! Just try to take away all mine, you dictator…!
Tiffany: Easy, Bill! You’ll aggravate your nerve damage from that accidental hunt-club wound.
Bill: Damn! Where’s those pain pills..?
Tiffany: Ummm… Gonna need to stealth-text that weird drugstore kid over at the next street again. Our old doc was real uncool about more refills
Bill: (unprintable)
Tiffany: …That new subprime credit card we just opened still has some room…
Bill: (unprintable)
Tiffany: I only put a little more on it toward last month’s casino hotel charges. …And my ‘mindfullness’ retreat bill. Plus a little for new genetic tests for Otto.
Bill: Yeah well…I gotta get down to my gun shop right away, so let me have it. They got ‘Powerball’ next door there too. …And you call that neighbor kid this time…”
We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” — attributed to Dave Ramsey, financial author (no affiliation)

— Vere Askey

P.S. In reality, for most of us, the infinitesimal chance a lottery provides at a huge payout is actually about the best shot we may have (at that). Just need to recognize and understand the ‘infinitesimal’ aspect…