Service Design Personal Documentation

The course is IxD4: Experience — Service Design, instructed by Renna Al-Yassini and Christina Worsing.

Huddle is a communication platform created for volunteers to easily share and receive trustworthy information in an organized and efficient way while providing an opportunity to involve others. Designed by Team Lantern: Melissa Kim, Ben McLaughlin, Elissa Welsh, Ridwan Pothigara, Vergil Xiang Shi.

My main role: Visual Identity, UI Design, App Prototyping, Product Iterating
My secondary role: Design Research, System Mapping, Slides Design

Video Sketch of Huddle
We started by mapping the territory maps of current situation of Syrian refugees crisis. Based on the entire class’s secondary research, we explored some opportunity areas from stages such as Preparing to Leave, Transit, Temporary Residence, Design to Stay or not, Going to other countries.
Focused and Collaborative Team Work
Researching, Ideas Generating, Iterating, Collaborating

In our Lantern team, I was responsible for the entire visual identity, brand design, UI design, and the clickable & interactive UI prototype. Our other teammates brought the iPhone to the volunteer Sophie for user testing, and the feedback is positive. She feels the features and experience can help the volunteers to communicate to each other more efficiently and friendly so they can provide better helps for refugees.

Teamwork is a hard but also beneficial process for personal growth. At the beginning of this project we did a good job that we defined each team member’s strength and responsibilities, some of them will focus more on user research at the early stage, some of them will focus on model analysis, I would participate at the early step, but concentrate more on the UI design and interactive prototyping development. Therefore five of us did a really good job of a product design as a collaborative team and presented our product to some professional guests successfully.

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