Computer technology is to make life more easy!

Computers are difficult, they are not for me!
That’s what i hear a lot of people say these days.

Computer technology is here to stay

Well, guess what?! It’s coming and it’s here to stay and it will only advance more. Whether you accept it or not…
I can understand that it could be a littlebit scary at first. When i got my first pc 20 years ago, i didn’t know what i could do with it. Except play a few games with it here and there.

These days all kinds of circumstances happen in our lives that makes us turn the world wide web. In my country, the Netherlands, when you loose your job and want to apply for a unemployement wellfare, you need to keep an online file of your resumé, the jobs you applied for, etc.
Although a lot of people between the ages of 40 and 60 don’t have that much experiences with computers, they have to be able to use a computer and the internet. More and more services turn digital. The world wide web is no longer a luxury.

I can only imagine how people felt back in 1903, when the Wright brother built their very first airplane. People thought they were insane. Flying was not invented for mankind. And if you look at the current numbers today:
Everyday approximately 93.000 airplanes take of each day.
What seems to be impossible a long time ago, is accepted years later.

The future of computer technology will only continue to grow bigger and bigger. So instead of refuse to accept it, you better embrace it and jump into it.

I’m married to with my thai wife Saengduan, but at the moment we’re not able to live together. So we skype everyday. Although it’s not the same as being together, this is the next best thing. Back in the day when we used a dial-up connection to go online, we could not even dream of a connection fast enough to use it for audio and video transferring.

I will not keep you too long, i know you are a busy person and time is precious.

I hope that, by reading this, you will take the time to think about this and open yourself up more for what’s coming.

Computer technology will not slow down, just because you don’t think it’s usefull. And it’s only invented to make your life a little more easier.

So, tell me, in what way do you use computer technology? How do you read this article as we speak? is it on your pc/laptop, tablet or mobile? I really would like to know how you think about this.

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